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"Cooking With Alcohol"
Eat yourself into a stupor

The 2nd edition of Cooking With Alcohol is chocked full of fun recipes. We have added salsas, more marinades, barbeque sauces and much more. With a new full color cover and double the recipes (almost 200!).

A cookbook based on the premise that you can make great food by putting alcohol in the cook as well as the food. Cooking with Alcohol is a unique and humorous cookbook filled with recipes, anecdotes and funny culinary quotes to add lots of fun to the cooking experience.

Did you think only Chef's cooked with alcohol? Not at The B.K. Lounge. We believe a little alcohol could make a Chef out of anyone.

Guys who will only cook over a grill, Cooking With Alcohol is known as the cure for stove freight. We have discovered that guys will grill out because it is sociably acceptable to have a cocktail. With Cooking With Alcohol, it is sociably acceptable no matter what or where you are cooking.

Cooking With Alcohol is written for people who have as much fun cooking as they do eating and you can buy it now. You can make great food and have a great time doing it. This is not a low fat, no fat, free range, substituted, no salt, low cholesterol cookbook. Makes a great gift and you can order securely online.

• Over 180 of our favorite recipes
• Cocktail recipes
• Dips and sauces
• Marinades
• Helpful Hints
• Conversion charts
• Substitution charts
• Thoughts on procedures and
famous culinary quotes.

• How to properly light a grill,
no matter what condition you are in.

"I enjoyed your cookbook...and I don't even cook!...because it's written by a REAL person! This shows in the way it's written. It's obviously authored by a person who truly enjoys one of Gods' greatest blessings....good FOOD! I also love the humor written in on the bottoms of the pages :-)
It's just a great read!"
-Kevin K. Mebane, N.C.

We have recipes for Red Stripe Jerk Chicken and grilled flank steak with rosemary. Other recipes include Basil Chicken With Green Olives, Tim's Killer Barbecue Sauce, Spicy Scallops, Beer Grilled Shrimp, Drunken Chicken, Mucho Grande Egg Rolls, and Perfect Pizza.

"The cookbook is great! The cookbook is a Christmas stocking stuffer for my husband. He will love it!"

-Kim T. Omaha, NE

Cooking With Alcohol

The Key to Cooking With Alcohol

"Dear Mr. Knox,

Thank you for the wonderful cookbook. I have enjoyed reading it many times over and laughed every time. Not only is it cleverly written but the recipes are very tasty. I have tried a few and was very pleased at the way they turned out. Your cookbook has added laughter to our kitchen. Thanks again and be sure to notify me when you write another.

Respectfully yours,
Linda Jackson
Harrodsburg, KY

P.S. My cousin and friend in Ohio are equally as pleased as I am with your cookbook."

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